Nuit de la Comédie Musicale Arabe

As part of the Arab Divas exhibition, from Oum Kalthoum to Dalida

In partnership with the Institut du Monde Arabe


At 10 p.m. - The Victory of Youth (Intisar al-chabab) by Ahmed Badrakhan
Egypt, fiction, 1941, 135 ’
With Asmahan and Farid el-Atrache

A musician and his singer sister arrive from Lebanon to start an artistic career in Cairo. They find work in a night club. But they are fired because the singer refuses to entertain customers. She falls in love with a rich young man, but the mother refuses their marriage. For his part, his brother began a career as a singer in the cinema ...


At 12:15 am - The Ring Seller by Youssef Chahine
Egypt, 1965, fiction, 90 ’
With Feyrouz

The mayor of a small village, to consolidate his authority among the inhabitants, invents the existence of a bandit named Rajeh. Frightened, the villagers hesitate to keep the big bachelor party.


At 2:00 a.m. - Madame la diablesse (Afrita Hanem) by Henri Barakat
Egypt, fiction, 1949, 122 ’
With Samia Gamal and Farid el-Atrache

Asfour, a penniless singer, falls in love with his boss’s daughter, an ambitious young woman who flaunts herself with another. He is on the verge of despair when a stranger appears and offers him a magic lamp. Asfour unleashes a female genius, Kahramanah, capable of granting his most extravagant wishes. It takes a long time to realize that he has fallen in love with this devil ...
One of the most accomplished Egyptian musicals thanks to the dancing talent of Samia Gamal, and the golden voice of Farid el-Atrache.

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