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A free electron of the performance scene, Sébastien Vion illuminates Parisian nights through his double Corrine. It was on the stage of the mythical Pigalle Madame Arthur cabaret that the idea of ​​this offbeat cabaret show, punctuated by the songs of Bashung, was born. Surrounded by her two accomplices of voices and wigs, Brenda Mour and Patachtouille, as well as six outstanding musicians, Corrine takes us on a crazy electro-rock-poetic journey through the work of the dark rocker. And Bashung comes back to us. Because now the flamboyant tribe awakens the beast, brings anger, guts, desire and tenderness back to life, with heels, sequins and latex costumes but above all with a hell of a dose of talent.

From "Osez Joséphine" in a saloon to "Vertige de l'amour" in an inflatable bed, from "Bombez" as wrestlers to "La nuit je mens" under a lamppost, the merry troop ventures on the most sinuous roads of a multi-faceted repertoire. Exultation of voices and bodies, electric stage, video projections and unbridled energy, there is pleasure to spare. Saddle up! Dare Bashung!


In co-production with Le Cabaret Sauvage





In the press

Immersed with panicked and crimped wigs in the lead in this unequaled musical universe, they sublimate it, transcend it and disarticulate it with panache, banter and sensitivity from the top of their tapered high heels.
Un Fauteuil pour l'Orchestre - Denis Sanglard

By reappropriating the work of Alain Bashung while putting his artistic stamp on it, Sébastien Vion signs with Madame ose Bashung a performance as joyful as it is talented.
Midi Libre - Corentin Miralles

A cheeky attempt – which does not prevent a touch of eroticism! – to explore a repertoire of black beauty, brought out of the closet thanks to Gaby. Oh Gaby!
Telerama - Thierry Voisin

Piano, guitar and a quartet and off we go for more than an hour of cavalcade in the universe of Bashung, an initiatory journey into a world of transgression!
Ouest France


Concept and direction Sébastien Vion

Singers-performers Julien Fanthou (Patachtouille), Kova Rea (Brenda Mour), Sébastien Vion (Corrine)

Musicians Charly Voodoo on piano and Christophe Rodomisto on guitar • Rainbow Symphony String Quartet

Orchestra : Juliette Belliard (viola), Adrien Legendre (cello), Laurent Lescane (1st violin), Vladimir Spach (2nd violin), Damien Chauvin (arrangements)

Hairdresser, make-up artist, props designer Anna Rinzo

General and light manager Gilles Richard

Sound manager Mustapha Aïchouche

La Garçonnière Collective videos : Tifenn Ann D, Syr Raillard and Thibaut Rozand

Nicol entrance soundtrack


Par la compagnie Le Skaï et l’Osier • Production déléguée : Association d’accompagnement « J’aime beaucoup ce que vous faites ! » - Christophe et Jérôme Paris Marty • Avec le soutien de la SPEDIDAM. ©photo Benoit Fatou

JULY 21 & 22 AT 8:30 PM






On JULY 23, extend the evening with the collective Aïe and Corrine as guests until 2am! (Free admission for Madame Ose Bashung spectators)

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59 boulevard Macdonald, 75019 Paris
M5 • Station Porte de Pantin
M7 • Station Porte de la Villette
T3b • Porte de Pantin – Parc de la Villette
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