Serge Teyssot-Gay & Paul Bloas

24 & 25 juillet - Centre Culturel Irlandais

We're going for a ride, a fucking ride, ”wrote in charcoal. Thus opens Ligne de Front, a brush / guitar performance imagined by painter Paul Bloas and guitarist Serge Teyssot-Gay (Noir Désir / Zone Libre / Interzone).

Longtime friends, the two artists have imagined a free moment, a collaboration that extends their joint work. With arpeggiated sketches and charcoal riffs, guitar with a knife and rumbling brushes forge an electric dialogue, influence each other, respond to each other and give birth to two giants painted on wood. A soundscape and lines drawn, painted, dreamed of, for an hour of improvisation without a net ...

Created in the summer of 2010, Ligne de Front has since wandered from Brittany inlets to Chinese rock clubs, from a prison in Angers to the streets of Diego-Suarez, from the Malagasy bush to the streets of Palestine.