Amer i Àfrica circ cia

Du 16 au 23 juillet - École Jean Jaurès - Malakoff

In partnership with Malakoff Scène Nationale, Epinay-Sur-Seine, Fontenay-sous-Bois, Les Lilas, Bagneux and Pantin

She (Àfrica Llorens) comes from the world of sports competition and Shotokan karate; he (Amer Kabbani) comes from that of the circus and the clown. Since meeting at the Central del Circ in Barcelona during a balancing act in 2011, they have formed a funny and explosive hand-to-hand duo.


A human mass of 125 kg between them, the two artists this time set off to storm a wall of 250 kg of straw, using acrobatic lifts and other balancing acts.


With Envà, they offer us a tender and playful allegory of all the mental and emotional barriers that we build up vis-à-vis others and from which we constantly seek to free ourselves.

  • Friday 16 July - 08pm00
    École Jean Jaurès - Malakoff
  • Saturday 17 July - 06pm00
    École Paul Langevin - Malakoff
  • Sunday 18 July - 04pm30
    Berges de Seine - Épinay-Sur-Seine
  • Tuesday 20 July - 07pm00
    Hôtel de ville - Fontenay-sous-bois
  • Wednesday 21 July - 07pm00
    Parc Lucie Aubrac - Les Lilas
  • Thursday 22 July - 06pm00
    Parc Richelieu - Bagneux
  • Friday 23 July - 07pm00
    Face au Théâtre du Fil de l'Eau - Pantin
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