Sylvain Bouillet • Naïf Production

Du 29 au 31 juillet à 18h30 - Lycée Jacques Decour icon booking
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For a year and a half, the dancer and acrobat Sylvain Bouillet met every week with his son, Charlie, to question the lines of force and feelings that underlie their relationship: play, complicity, tenderness, but also fusion, confrontation or anger.

From their very contrasting weight and body, they imagined together a tender and mischievous dance duet around filiation, guided by the sole “desire to play for two”. Charlie is growing up - he was 7 when he first searched, 10 now - he is sometimes reactive, sometimes less, his emotions can change at any time ...
Here, the gesture is not aimed at performance, it tries, hesitates, challenges, perseveres.


A true "essay on fatherhood", also nurtured by other father / son tandems, which combines the spontaneity of childhood with the precision of choreographic writing, with rare authenticity.



Tuesday July 27 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Lycée Jacques-Decour


The “carried” is an ordinary situation which binds parents and their young children and involves mutual support. Starting from this physical state of affairs creates play and works very concretely on the idea of ​​the link. How can we work together to approach points of balance when the balance of weight and balance of the duo are so contrasting?

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  • Thursday 29 July - 06pm30
    Lycée Jacques Decour
  • Friday 30 July - 06pm30
    Lycée Jacques Decour
  • Saturday 31 July - 06pm30
    Lycée Jacques Decour