A responsible and united festival

Since its creation, solidarity and inclusiveness have been at the heart of the project carried by the Paris Summer Festival team. Aware of the climate emergency and of the need today to be even more attentive to our impact on the environment, since the last edition we have been committed to a process of improving the eco-responsibility of the festival.

Questioning our practices and experimenting with new logics, raising awareness among artists and spectators, reducing our energy consumption ... are all areas that we wish to advance over the course of our editions.

If you want to help us improve the eco-responsibility of the festival, please send us your comments and suggestions to the following address:

Discover our eco-responsible charter by clicking here.


A few gestures of the festival ...


Communication: reasoned management of media

• Rational distribution of communication media (file keeping and gradual restocking)

• Choice of PEFC certified paper for programs and leaflets: a guarantee against deforestation and sustainable forest management

• Paperless tickets to minimize paper use

• Installation of non-vintage signage for reuse from one year to the next


Relations with the public: a united and inclusive festival

• From the first editions of the Paris Summer Festival, special attention paid to the most vulnerable audiences (people in precarious or disabled situations)

• Development of sustainable partnerships, with structures in the social field and neighborhood associations, find out more

• In 2020, the first initiative to raise public awareness of eco-responsible issues. Distribution of a questionnaire to investigate the practices and mobility of our spectators


Food and waste management

• Offers of vegetarian sandwiches, fresh and seasonal products

• Craft beers from Montreuil from the Deck & Donohue brewery, which runs 100% on renewable energy or with carbon offset. Natural and pesticide-free wines from Carafons

• Wholesale orders and with as little packaging as possible

• Provision of eco-cups and bamboo fiber gourds for festival teams and installation of water fountains at Lycée Jacques-Decour, instead of individual plastic water bottles

• Recycling and recovery of cigarette butts with the company ÉcoMégot, through:

- energy recovery: transformation into solid fuel to substitute fossil energy

- cigarette butts decontamination (without water consumption) and plastic recycling

• Biodegradable plastic ponchos from MultiGift distributed to spectators in case of rain

• Sorting and recycling of waste generated by the festival


Storage, reuse and energy consumption

• Rental, storage and reuse of technical equipment

• Eco-design of the bar and children's games by the company Triple-D, which is part of a reuse dynamic, mainly using recycled materials for its creations

• Measurement of the electricity consumed during the festival, to reduce our consumption from edition to edition


Festival artists, teams and audience

• Accommodation of artistic teams in apartments rather than hotels as much as possible

• Collects information from our teams to establish a carbon footprint

• Raise awareness among our spectators and include them in our ecological approach


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