Pinocchio (Live) #2

Alice Laloy • Cie S'appelle reviens

Du 16 au 21 juillet à 18h - Le Monfort théâtre icon booking
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What does the body of the puppet child look like when it passes from its wooden body to its flesh body? I imagine that there is a tiny fraction of the time when you no longer know whether you are facing a puppet or a child? (Alice Laloy)


Dialoguing freely with the myth of Pinocchio, Alice Laloy imagines a choreographic and sound performance that questions transformation and the rite of passage. But here, the mechanics are reversed: accompanied by adult performers, ten child-dancers transform into disjointed puppets before reclaiming their child's body.


Nourished by the contortion arts, part of the cultural heritage of Mongolia, where she first carried out photographic research, Alice Laloy orchestrates a strange and magnificent living ready-made for detuned bodies, which brings together the animated and the inanimate with a touch of witchcraft ...

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