Immortals - The Flight (Part 2)

Adhok Company

From 20 jul to 23 jul at 4pm - Rue Paul Belmondo • Paris 12ème

The Adhok company uses public space to develop a poetic language reminiscent of tanztheater, combining thrills and hearty laughter. For the 2017 edition of Festival Paris l'été, it offers four moving and staunchly optimistic performances: two about youth, and two about old age.



What does it mean to be young nowadays? These nine people between the ages of 18 and 30 find themselves in a transitional period between childhood and adulthood. How do you navigate a world where people tell you that your life is ahead of you when you can't see the big picture? Where they tell you that anything is possible when everything seems difficult? A free party runs out of control, and suddenly their stories flash before our eyes: their first steps out of the nest, the parties, the people they meet, the discovery of the self and of others... Two moving, fun-packed performances which illustrate these questions in order to try and make sense of them and clear the horizon.

They have now left the nest. Their wings are fully spread, and they yearn to fly further away, higher up, to find their place in such a vast world. But which direction should they go when the wind is gusting? Should they wait for the gale to abate, or take the risk of flying away anyway?

  • Thursday 20 July - 04pm00
    Rue Paul Belmondo • Paris 12ème
  • Friday 21 July - 04pm00
    Rue Paul Belmondo • Paris 12ème
  • Sunday 23 July - 04pm00
    Rue Paul Belmondo • Paris 12ème

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