du 24 jul au 4 août 2018 -

FREE (free upon reservation for the representation at Lycée Jacques Decour)

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Some « bastaings » (sticks), one XXL hula hoop and a lot of stubbornness. This ironic fable, puts to the fore the five acrobats of La Mondiale Générale, who fight against the laws of balance, with a jubilant stubbornness. They evolve in a moving space: the obstacles are purposely numerous, the risk is calculated to be unreasonable. Their apparatus : simple blocks of wood (the "bastaings"), become fragile totems or pillars, intended to make us cross an imaginary sea.


Sabordage! is more than anything, a lot of humour ! Beyond hazards, falls and bumps, prevails the collective, acting like an island of hope. We are always stronger to challenge the world when we can unite.

  • Tuesday 24 July - 07pm30
  • Tuesday 24 July - 07pm30
    Parc Lucie Aubrac - Les Lilas
  • Wednesday 25 July - 11am30
    Plage de Villetaneuse
  • Wednesday 25 July - 03pm30
    Plage de Villetaneuse
  • Friday 27 July - 07pm30
    Théâtre de Verdure - Pantin
  • Saturday 28 July - 08pm00
  • Sunday 29 July - 03pm00
    Parc départemental du Sausset - Villepinte
  • Sunday 29 July - 05pm30
    Parc départemental du Sausset - Villepinte
  • Tuesday 31 July - 08pm00
    Parc Jean Mermoz | Orly
  • Thursday 02 August - 06pm30
    Village de Copaca'Bagneux | Bagneux
  • Friday 03 August - 05pm00
  • Saturday 04 August - 07pm30
    Institut du Monde Arabe
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