TUMULTES • 2nd edition - episodes 5 & 6

Theatrical and radio exploration at the Cité scolaire Jacques-Decour

de sept. 2020 à mai 2021 - Lycée Jacques Decour


"Hormones in a mess"



- As a boy ... can you be friend with a gay man? Do you still see the girls you meet as potential girlfriends? Were you modest the first time? Do you mind dating a girl taller than you? And why do we put more emphasis on male pleasure than female pleasure?

- As a girl, are you afraid to go out at night? in an uber? in the subway ? Do you think it's up to boys to pay for the restaurant? Why are you wearing makeup? Why are you complexed about your weight? And how do you feel in society today?

At 15, the age when you have "the hormones in a mess" (Joseph), the 2nde11 anonymously lent themselves to the game of questions that we have always asked ourselves about the other sex, without ever daring to ask.

The sexualization of women's bodies and harassment, household chores, relationships of power and domination, clothing ... they spoke to us freely about all the gender-related inequalities that still exist in their lives today. adolescents, and all the prohibitions that result from it. Accompanied by actor Antonin Meyer-Esquerré, they experimented, for the duration of a scene, with the reversal of girl - boy roles and the magic of the theater to move the performances.