La Mêlée – First Half

A survey of sports practices of all kinds

d'oct. 2020 à mai 2021 -

From September to December 2020, Camille Soulerin from Cie Le 5ème Quart / Katia Ferreira accompanied the students of the Terminale CAP Horlogerie of the Lycée Diderot in an investigation combining dance and documentary theater, in order to question the place of gender in sports practices .

The class, as very often in this rare specialty, is mainly made up of boys. Only one student, Marie-Lou, follows the training.

Nourished by their own references and by certain choreographic exercises by Pina Bausch, they together imagined paintings and staging where the collective counts more than the individual performance.

Their teachers, invited to the Jules Ladoumègue Gymnasium at Porte de Pantin, were also able to discover in mid-December the fictitious interviews with sportswomen to which the students took part, inspired by the players of the Olympique Lyonnais.