With the public


Paris L’Été Festival makes every effort to implement all the means and necessary competences to welcome the publics in the best possible conditions, whatever their situations.
Let’s visit our website for more information about the disabled public welcome, along with indications about shows whose content is the most appropriate for the people with sensory impairments.

Please do not hesitate to contact the team if you have any questions about accessibility : publics@parislete.fr | 01 44 94 98 04



Most of the areas are reachable for people with reduced mobility and wheelchairs. Do not hesitate to contact the team for more details about the performance places.

A specific and suitable placement is planned in the concerned places - but with a limited gauge. Please state your situation during the ticketing in order to be the welcomed in the best conditions  (01 44 94 98 00 | billetterie@parislete.fr)

·         Un Break à Mozart
·         Surgissements (Free access, in the public space. Warning : it is a perfomance based on strolls amongst the audience, with no possibility of seating)
·         Installation de feu (Free access, in the public space. Warning : it is an installation to be seen outside, implying  strolls, with no possibility of seating)
·         From IN
·         Decadance
·         D’après une Histoire vraie
·         Arab Youth Philharmonic Orchestra
·         Festen
·         Le Noyé le plus beau du monde
·         La Nuit des Morts-Vivants
·         La Grande Folie
·         L’Absence de père
·         Ramkoers
·         Véro 1ère, Reine d’Angleterre
·         Encatation
·         Le Paradoxe de Georges
·         L’Ouest loin (except for the 19/07 at Arènes de Montmartre)
·         Phasmes
·         Faro Faro
·         Confesse

Specific features linked to some places may make the access quite difficult - even impossible - for the people in a wheeling chair. Please contact us for more information.

·         Mon Grand Amour (It is a show occuring in a flat, without lift)



Some of the shows implying music or narration are naturally reachable for the partially-sighted and non sighted people.

·         Arab Youth Philharmonic Orchestra
·         La Grande Folie (Warning : it is a concert occuring outside ; without seats)
·         Le Noyé le plus beau du monde
·         Confesse



Some shows are characterized by strong visual interests in which the sound environment is not decisive to guarantee the appreciation of the performances. These shows are indicated for the partially deaf - deaf people :

·         Surgissements / Théâtre du Centaure (visual performance)
·         Installation de feu  / Cie Carabosse (visual installation)
·         From IN / Xie Xin Dance Theater (dance)
·         Decadance / Batsheva – The Young Ensemble (dance)
·         D’après une Histoire Vraie / Christian Rizzo (dance)
·         Anima (ex) Musica / Collectif Tout/Reste/À/Faire (mostly visual exhibition)
·         Faro Faro / Cie N’Soleh (dance)
·         Phasmes / Cie Libertivore (wordless circus, mostly visual and choregraphied)



Attentive to every personal situation, our team ensures the people with mental disorders are well advised and welcomed during the different events.
If you are part of a specialized institution, a social support service or if you are an individual spectator, do not hesitate to contact the team to receive some specific information about the performances and to prepare adapted routes.