A project by students from Jacques Decour high school, Aurélie Van Den Daele and Sidney Ali Mehelleb from the Deug Doen Group

Les 9 et 10 mai 2019 à 20h - Lycée Jacques Decour

Tradition, honor, discipline, excellence are the four pillars of the Ville-Sur-Terre Academy, the only white area in the country.

It is at this boarding school for girls, run by Ms. Nolan, that Mr. Keating, a new literature teacher, arrives, determined to make the students think for themselves.

A coming and going between past and present then reveals the birth of the "Circle of Missing Poets" created by a group of teenagers including the young Jamal Keating, like a cry of freedom in reaction to the Academy.


From November 2018 to May 2019, Aurélie Van Den Daele and Sidney Ali Mehelleb from the Deug Doen Group led a weekly workshop for 20 students from Lycée Jacques-Decour, with the collaboration of Cécile Roy-Fleury (professor of literature).

At the heart of their establishment, the students were thus accompanied by professionals, until the creation of a show presented on May 9 and 10, 2019 at the Lycée Theater: Whitman & Co., loosely inspired by the Circle of Missing Poets.

The Paris Summer Festival, which has been taking over Lycée Jacques-Decour in the summer since 2017, thus strengthens its links with students and the teaching team, around a large-scale artistic and cultural education project that echoes to the questions of adolescence.

  • Thursday 09 May - 08pm00
    Lycée Jacques Decour
  • Friday 10 May - 08pm00
    Lycée Jacques Decour