TUMULTES • 2nd edition - episodes 1 & 2

Theatrical and radio exploration at the Cité scolaire Jacques-Decour

de sept. 2020 à mai 2021 - Lycée Jacques-Decour


"I climbed a dune and walked without knowing where to go"

Monday October 5 and Tuesday October 6, 2020. Antonin meets the first group of teenagers. They are in the 2de2 of the Jacques-Decour high school. Most are 15 years old, sometimes 14 or 16. There is Adam "technically successful in the field of writing", Chloe "Algerian and Cameroonian" and also Albin, passionate about airplanes.


Together, they will face two questions: "Was there something that you had to do in spite of yourself? "And" Is there something you think you shouldn't have done but did anyway? ".

By writing and then reading texts, always treated anonymously, they will draw on their own experiences, which are sometimes very intimate. They will also, like Blue Beard's wife, push open a forbidden door and stage together the nightmare that unfolds just behind.



"The answer lies in our secret gardens"



"Did we make a confession of love? The heart answers no, the head answers: no, no, no and no. But they say you have to have secret gardens.

The answer to our question can be found in our secret gardens, so secret, so protected, so guarded, so buried, so precious and inviolable, that it is impossible for us to set foot there, to take a black flower from it. without being torn, ulcerated, destroyed by dreams and remorse.


Have we ever confessed feelings? We will not answer this question while answering it perhaps, a little. »(Anonymous text, 1st 7 student at Jacques-Decour high school)


Antonin meets the 1ère7 on November 5 and 6. From the group, a benevolence, a gentleness, a tenderness emerges. They read Madame de La Fayette's Princess of Cleves in class and this time wonder about the love ban: "Have you ever confessed your feelings to someone? Have you ever been silent about them? Is it an act of love to tell someone the truth? ".


Love at first sight, winds, parents, grandparents or friends to whom we have not been able to say I love you, everyone reveals their secret garden to others. Through a simple situation, "a sum of money has disappeared", they will also stage the confession and the reactions to it.


350 years after the Princess, their distant cousin, they ask themselves questions about love, desire and learning, with the same authenticity.