TUMULTES • 2nd edition - episode 7

Theatrical and radio exploration at the Cité scolaire Jacques-Decour

de sept. 2020 à mai 2021 - Lycée Jacques Decour



« Genre les cinq plus beaux jours de ma vie »



On May 12, 2021, the Labo group took on a crazy gamble: put on a play in less than a week. 5 days, 14 students, 25 stages. "We lived permanently in this vagueness, we didn't even know if we were going to play it". Stress became a force, shyness was overcome and the successful bet: "Fly me to the moon" was born!


Throughout the year, the students tried their hand at the game using improvisations around the notion of the forbidden. From this creation over the course of the water was born a text, put on paper by their teacher Cécile Roy-Fleury, in charge of the theater workshop. Accompanied by the actors Benjamin Tholozan and Antonin Meyer-Esquerré from the company La Brèche, the group met for an intense week of residency.


The words of mage Artaud then resonate like a snub to this year and mark more than ever the need for theater in times of pandemic. "If the essential theater is like the plague, it is not because it is contagious. There is in it, like in the plague, a kind of strange sun, a light of an abnormal intensity in which it seems that the difficult and even the impossible suddenly become our normal element ”.