TUMULTE.S • 1re édition

radio fictions / poetic waves

2019/2020 - Lycée Jacques Decour

The Paris Summer Festival, which has been taking over the Lycée Jacques-Decour during the summer for three years, has strengthened its links with the students, the teaching team and the staff of the establishment, around an artistic residency that intersects with radio and live performance.

At the origin of the project, we were looking for ways to offer students a space of artistic expression that brings together different trades and allows students to take up their place as citizens of the world, autonomous, engaged and creative.

In connection with the themes addressed by the Deug Doen Group (DDG) / Aurélie Van Den Daele on the occasion of their next creation, Unknown Soldier (e), the aim is to offer students the opportunity to explore the radio universe and scenic in all its forms, including pirates.

Julie Le Lagadec (actress) and Victor Veyron (actor and technician), will thus accompany several groups of students throughout the year in class and outside school time during practical workshops and performance highlights.

Students, teachers and families will also come together at the end of April for an “Ode to the Radio” day, where the Deug Doen Group will present its carte blanche around Orson Welles’s War of the Worlds [ongoing].

With the support of the Ministry of National Education, the Ministry of Culture, the Ile-de-France Region and the Lycée Jacques Decour.



"Tumulte.s" is composed of:

# Le Labo: a theatrical practice workshop outside school time, Wednesday afternoons

# La Station: a group outside of school time which will produce the first radio podcasts of the residence

# 10 class groups that will produce radio dramas presented during the 2 highlights

# 1 carte blanche to DDG during spring break

# 13 teachers and 400 students involved