La Mêlée

A survey of sports practices of all kinds

De septembre 2020 à mai 2021 - Lycée Diderot et Lycée Beaugrenelle

"La Mêlée, a survey of sports practices of all kinds" is a project born at the initiative of the Paris Summer Festival, which for several years has been designing actions and itineraries for spectators aimed at specific audiences.


In the wake of the partnership developed over the past four years with the school complex Jacques-Decour, the festival wishes to extend its collaboration to other establishments in order to allow the meeting between new groups of high school students and the theater company Le 5ème quarter / Katia Ferreira, who invests the field of contemporary writings, by making a dialogue between theater, plastic arts and philosophy.



In "La Mêlée", it will be about reflecting on the relationship between gender and sport.

Long considered to be reserved for men, sport - as a professional or amateur practice, as a spectator or supporter hobby, but also as a professional sector generating jobs of all kinds - seems revealing in many respects of the existing gender inequalities in our society.

But would it not be possible to also consider it as a tool for the fight against stereotypes, against sexist violence and gender-related discrimination, a tool for the emancipation, empowerment and liberation (of the body) of girls? and women, who would be by the same catalyst of a redefinition of the very concept of femininity?