The Hut with windows & The Walk

Mathurin Bolze - MPTA Company

25 ET 26 JUILLET - Jardin du Musée Picasso
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Musical interlude by Sonia Wieder-Atherton

The Hut with windows

“I am tired of living a flat life, in my wooden cabin, I am going to live in three dimensions”.

Taken from Italo Calvino's The Baron in the Trees, this strange decision becomes the new name of the game for Bachir, who lives in the cabin full of windows. He invents a life whose gravity is less strong, less palpable. A bouncy, vertical floor, in a house that has completely tipped over, a street lamp facing inward – nothing is in its place, everything is reversed, in an every day life that has to be reinvented. The “morals” of gravity have been corrupted.


The Walk

The Walk conveys an atmosphere more than a landscape; it is not a tracking shot, but rather the study of a motion on the spot, a close-up, an introspection, a game with time and space, a poetical breach... Mathurin Bolze picks up the thread of his wanderings in a wheel whose possibilities he hasn't finished exploring. He roams among the words of Frédéric Gros, following the rhythm of his introduction to La Petite Bibliothèque du marcheur (a philosophy of walking), or to the sound of Erik Satie's Gnossiennes. He rolls around aimlessly, seemingly floating in the air, unfolding time, from a ramble to a mad dash.


La cabane aux fenêtres : Conception: Mathurin Bolze / Interprétation : Karim Messaoudi Son : Jérôme Fèvre / Lumières : Christian Dubet / Scénographie : Goury / Régie son : Frédéric Marolleau / Régie plateau : Nicolas Julliand
La Marche : De et avec Mathurin Bolze / Son : Jérôme Fèvre/ Lumières : Jeremie Cusenier  Régie lumières : Nicolas Julliand


La Marche : Production Compagnie les mains les pieds et la tête aussi – Lyon, avec le soutien de La Comédie de Valence – Centre Dramatique National Drôme Ardèche
La cabane aux fenêtres : Production Compagnie les mains les pieds et la tête aussi – Lyon
La compagnie Mpta est conventionnée par la DRAC Auvergne Rhône Alpes au titre de l’aide à l’indépendance artistique ainsi que par la Région Auvergne Rhône Alpes. Ses activités sont également soutenues par La Ville de Lyon.

JULY 25 & 26 AT 9.30pm





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  • Tuesday 25 July - 09pm00
    Jardin du Musée Picasso

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