The curious story of the child named K

Igor Mendjisky with and for the students from Ecole Supérieure d’Art Dramatique (Paris Higher School of Drama)

Du 19 au 22 juillet - Lycée Jacques-Decour


Our wish is to accompany every year the students from an art school throughout the different stages of their curriculum. This festival is also a way for us to be “cultural guides”, attentive to the new generation and its talents. For the 2017 edition of Festival Paris l'été, stage director Igor Mendjisky will present one of his creations in collaboration with third/final year students from ESAD.

It will also be an opportunity to catch up with alumni who have now become professional actors and perform in Echappées Belles (Great Escape) and Immortels (Immortals) by compagnie Adhok. Some of the students will also be involved in other areas of the festival.

K., a budding filmmaker, arrives in an unnamed village at night. He has to face the unfathomable authorities who administer the Castle that he says hired him. The young K. roams the village to the point of exhaustion; with every step he takes he thinks he can solve the mystery of the secret administration. Only the Castle can enable him to carry out his project. The building overlooks the village and houses the whole administration. It presides over the destiny of every inhabitant; it is secret and impenetrable, and, just like all of K's points of reference, it is invested with an authority that no one can really gauge. In a seemingly scattered universe, echoed in the sometimes messy stage, even time eludes the pathetic hero whose bearings become increasingly intangible and inconsistent.

Kafka died before finishing The Castle, leaving K. to wander for eternity. In this loose adaptation of the novel, we are going to try and find an ending, an opening, a way out, together with the students from the Paris Higher School of Drama (ESAD).



Mise en scène et adaptation : Igor Mendjisky / Avec Lymia Vtte, Maxime Atmani, Benjamin Becasse Pannier, Mathias Bentahar, Eugénie Bernachon, Baudoin Cristoveanu, Lucas Dardaine, Marion Dejardin, Hugo Klein, Laurianne Loisel, Coralie Meride, Alex Mesnil, Julien Moreau, Pauline Murris, Morgane Vallée / Lumières : Stéphane Deschamps / Costumes : May Katrem Vidéo : Yannick Donet / Scénographie : Claire Massard et Igor Mendjisky


Co-production : PSPBB/ESAD, compagnie Les Sans Cou et la Ville de Paris. © photo Christophe Raynaud de Lage

From July 19 to 22 at 7pm
Theatre of Jacques Decour High School • Paris 9




  • Wednesday 19 July - 07pm00
    Lycée Jacques-Decour