Bal Trap

La Contrebande

From 25 jul to 30 jul at 3pm - Place René Clair -Épinay

Bal Trap is a live 30 minutes game.

Bal Trap involves 6 acrobats who gather on a playing field and decide to play with their surroundings. They often opt for the riskier option.

Bal Trap is a game whose rules are set up by the players. They revolve around propulsion, launching and landing.

Bal Trap means courting danger. It is about trusting the group, and paying attention to the others.

Bal Trap is a cohesive group made up of varied personalities. It is not a competition.

Bal Trap means crossing the finish line as a group.


The extremely energetic acrobats from Collectif La Contrebande put on a fast-paced performance reminiscent of fireworks, where bodies are thrown into the air, propelled in every direction, including those you would least expect. Using a unique type of apparatus, in between the Korean and Hungarian teeterboards, they turn the stage into a runway and take up challenges fearlessly. So, brave enough? That's the only question that matters.


Cast: Lluna Pi, Simon Cheype, Antoine Cousty, Hugo Moriceau, Jacob Auzanneau, Florian Bessin

Press and communication: Laure Clapies


Delegate production  : L’Avant-Courrier

On tour

25 July in Épinay-sur-Seine (René Clair Square) - 3pm

RER C Epinay-sur-seine + 12 min walking

26 July in Villetaneuse  (La Plage) Gymnase - 7pm

RER D Saint Denis + Tram 8 direction Villetaneuse Université - stop Pablo Neruda

28 July in Bercy Village (UGC forecourt) - 2.30pm & 6.30pm

Métro ligne 14 stop Cour Saint Emilion


29 July in La Courneuve (Georges Valbon Park) - 5.30pm

Bus 252, 250, 153, 150 stop Cité Floreal entrance Marville

30 July in Vaujours (La Poudrerie Park) - 4pm

RER Vergalant puis 15 min walking


30 MIN


  • Tuesday 25 July - 03pm00
    Place René Clair -Épinay
  • Tuesday 25 July - 07pm00
    Place René Clair -Épinay
  • Wednesday 26 July - 02pm30
    École Jean Jaurès - Malakoff
  • Wednesday 26 July - 06pm30
    École Jean Jaurès - Malakoff
  • Friday 28 July - 05pm00
    Lycée Jacques-Decour
  • Saturday 29 July - 05pm30
    Parc départemental Georges-Valbon
  • Sunday 30 July - 04pm00
    Parc forestier de la Poudrerie
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