From 31 jul to 31 jul at 5pm - Lycée Jacques-Decour
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“During the lockdown, I started doing interviews, through Zoom, where we filmed trees, with a friend, and we doubled them, made them talk together. This gave rise to interesting discussions, between potted trees, and trees in forest, or in concrete, or in cemetery, trees that spoke of humans, of their life, and by listening to them we reflected as much on our species as on the their.

After Les arbres vous parlent par ZOOM, I wanted to do a radio program, made by trees for trees, a free antenna, which would allow trees around the world to talk, live. The program would take place in a park or in a forest, as if the trees in this park had launched into the radio. There would be columns for the trees, music for the trees, and trees that would call. "

Unclassifiable and jack-of-all-trades artist, Laetitia Dosch leads, apart from her acting career in cinema and theater, a research which is quite personal to her. With "Radio Arbres", she embarks on a new sensitive exploration, and off the beaten track, with the fantasy and radicalism that we know her, to question our relationship with living things.

  • Friday 31 July - 05pm00
    Lycée Jacques-Decour