From 29 jul to 29 jul at 8pm - Lycée Jacques-Decour
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It is in the public space that we celebrate the reunion, that we celebrate the return to business of post-gag FFP2 art. For Barrier, that's good: he is used, in every sense of the word, to speaking out just anywhere, anytime. For who and what, the meeting between what is working him at the moment and those who will be there should inform us.

On the program, a priori, tasting of natural wines, mini-conference on the contemporary punk trend in Nottingham, welcoming invectives, an attempt to celebrate the present and collect lost objects.



With Luna Combé, Elena Ramos and Nicolas Sannier

DJ Set by The Man Inside Corrine - dancefloor

An extraordinary personality, François Alu unleashes passions in a way that stands out in the classical world. First dancer of the Paris Opera ballet since 2014, the interpreter of Basilio (Don Quixote), the Blue Bird (Sleeping Beauty) or even Mercutio (Romeo and Juliet) strives to demonstrate that rigor and not codified in no way prevent daring and madness. With a good dose of humor and a touch of provocation, the interpreter fed by hip-hop, the Internet, action films and bioburgers constantly comes out of all the frames that are imposed on him.

For its opening, the Paris Summer Festival awarded François Alu a Carte Blanche, bringing together artists from various backgrounds. Between seriousness and humor, convention and transgression, order and madness, he chose to call on the talent of a ballerina from the Paris Opera (Luna Peigné), a contortionist (Elena Ramos) and a dancer- circus (Nicolas Sannier) to present short “dance stories”. And you too will be invited to join in the dance throughout the evening, for this great artistic celebration that promises to be memorable!



"I immediately subscribed to Laurence and Stéphane's approach: to get together around an artistic celebration.

For the programming, I was keen to celebrate dance in different aspects. Present short stories danced to share an emotion and introduce new disciplines with the aim of creating an eclectic harmony. I love dance and especially the spectacular.

For this artistic celebration, here is a 4-part program. The evening will begin with classical dance with La mort du cygne, which combines academic dance and contemporary influence with movements that go beyond the classical register to give an animal side to the ballerina.

Then, a creation with a contortionist and a circus hip-hop dancer, we will find a duality between extreme flexibility, power and agility, on a theme of confrontation.

Followed by a contemporary work Sylphide, the story of a man who gets lost in the quest for his fantasy.

Finally, a solo that I particularly like, Les bourgeois by Ben Van Cauwenbergh, which mixes dance theatricality, virtuosity and a lightness that everyone I think needs for the change of era we are going through. "

Francois Alu




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  • Wednesday 29 July - 08pm00
    Lycée Jacques-Decour