The Whale

From 21 jul to 23 jul at 6am - Pont de la tournelle

Arrived by accident in the mouth of the Seine by wanting to join the Channel, a sperm whale ran aground on Tournelle Quay, just one step from the Notre-Dame Cathedral ... A team of International Whaling Association has been sent on the spot as a matter of urgency, to understand how the cetacean of more than 18 meters in length was able to find itself here.

It is under the astonished look of the passers-by that the Belgian scientists, wearing white coats, examine the body before organizing the evacuation of the animal. They have to make fast... Or they risk the explosion of the sperm whale!

With this true-to-life staging, Captain Boomer, collective of artists of Antwerp (Belgium), makes more porous the limits between the reality and the fiction. By disrupting the public in its relationship to the nature, this hyperrealistic statue in fiberglass  marks the opportunity to sensitive the public to ecological issues, but also to create interaction and raise questions... A puzzling experience, to discover until Sunday, July 23rd.

  • Friday 21 July - 06am00
    Pont de la tournelle