TRANSQUINQUENNAL - Rafael Spregelburd

In the outskirts of Las Vegas, a series of almost identical motels on the side of the road. Twenty five characters played by five actors are going to cross paths to the point of colliding. La Estupidez (stupidity) is part of a series of seven plays by Argentine playwright Rafael Spregelburd which deal with sin in a contemporary context. He describes a world in search of meaning and money, running on empty, hesitating between order and chaos, chance and fate. In a fusion of forms and genres, ranging from TV series parody to restless road movie, from cliché to myth, La Estupidez knows no limits. And neither does the Belgian collective Transquinquennal, which, show after show, initiates a critical and uncompromising discussion about our time. An outstanding performance, against a backdrop of over-the-top acting and unexpected turns.